Thursday, 22 May 2008

Time flies by!

The last time I posted was the 7th of May. Just over two weeks ago. It feels like alot of things have happened since then. To us, time makes a difference, we feel different, we have different thoughts due to our experiences. But God is outside of time and is the same in his characteristics as he was two weeks ago. He is still as Gracious, still as loving and still has the same plans for our lives.
Since the last post I have been involved in a concert at the Welsh parliment building with the llantrisant community band, played at a Catholic church with the Cynon Valley junior Brass band and have been to a wedding of two good friends of Carina and I. This weekend brings the Broken Chains festival... The biggest Christian Concert I've ever heard of in the Rhondda valleys! I'm praying that chains of unbelief, ungrace and sin will be broken this weekend.