Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ground hog day!

I had one crazy day today!
I was taking samba drumming sessions at a comprehensive school for all of the feeder schools in the area, they were doing lots of activities, drumming was just one of them. Now, there were 16 groups all doing a 15 minute session with me. To be fair to them all I did the same lesson plan with each group. So I lived the same fifteen minutes 16 times today! The funnny thing was, one of the staff seemed to keep walking in at the same time in my little talk. It felt like I was reliving the same thing over and over! weird!

Friday, 5 June 2009

God's my creator, He's my sustainer, He gave me chance after chance, He forgave me, He made a way for me, He saved me, restored me. I have wandered, gone my own way, wondered which way to turn. Yet he remains there, as the river continues to flow day after day. There's no end to his patience, no end to his unconditional love. I need refining, will you refine me, change me, and keep me changing.
Direct my paths and lead me onwards, Teach me new things, all about You, You are God, You are God.